Do It Yourself

Masturbation: An Act Of Self-Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Ravishly is taking self-love up a notch. We’re talking about masturbation all week — after all, self-love is the most important love of all.

Knitter for life.

5 Mind-Clearing Activities That Are Way More Fun Than Meditation

Have you guys tried those “adult” Lego sets? They’re not “adult” in, like, a “build your own dildo” way (although I’m sure that’s a thing on eBay) but in a “you follow instructions that are probably too advanced for your 3-year-old nephew to follow and feel super smart and accomplished when you put the final piece on the top of your small-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower” way.

It was like a part of myself woke up, but it was a part of myself that I was sure was dirty and wrong; a part of myself that I was sure I could squish down if I just tried hard enough.

I Just Have To Tell Someone About This Weird Thing I Do: On Discovering Masturbation

It was like how you might feel if you thought you were the only person who liked apples. Maybe everyone else just thought apples were for decoration, but you liked to eat them. And then one day you found someone else who also ate apples, and you got really excited about that! And then suddenly, it hit you… What if everybody secretly ate and enjoyed apples, only we were all too afraid to mention it?

From Broad City, 2.8

Hey, Ladies: Pop Culture Lessons On Masturbation

“Girls don’t masturbate, right? I don’t masturbate. Do you masturbate? Can girls masturbate? I don’t think they can — I’m pretty sure my mom doesn’t.”

With glowing faces, damp with perspiration, we discussed our orgasms. Everyone was satiated, physically and spiritually.

Deep Inside A Bodysex Workshop With Betty Dodson

How many times did I climax that afternoon? Somewhere between eight and infinity.