Self-Care For The Holidays

Self-Care For The Holidays

Ravishly has compiled some of our best self-care articles to help you get through the holidays.

Take care of yourself.

5 Ways You Can Fight The Holiday Blues

This year I’m going into the holiday season with a self-care game plan, so that I’ll be ready when the holiday blues come around. I think that probably more people get the holiday blues than you would think, since this isn’t an issue that’s often talked about openly.

Holidays without your mother are hard.

Surviving The Holidays When You’re Estranged From Your Mother

It’s been three years since I divorced my mother. The reasons are long and complicated, yet also short and simple. My mother is not capable of mothering anyone, and I am healthier and happier without her.


4 Simple Yet Effective Holiday Self-Care Tips For Adult Children Of Abusive Parents

While we can't control the range of feelings we may have during this time, we can make sure that we show ourselves the kind of love and care that we deserve.

Holidays are hard when you're in recovery.

What Sobriety Has Taught Me About Surviving The Holidays

Shocked, I asked her about my alcoholism, and if she believed she could forgive me. “No,” she said. “I don’t think so.”

Easing stress.

10 Easy Ways To Ease The Stress Of The Holidays

Let’s face it — as much as the holidays are merry and bright, they can be stressful, too. We have so much planning to do (and even more if you have kids), traveling to arrange, cleaning — and on top of all that there is the financial stress.

You deserve to feel good. And to enjoy pie.

How To Handle Relatives Monitoring Your Eating During The Holidays

Ah, the holidays. Or, as it’s called in my family, the annual time of year to scrutinize and peer-pressure their darling daughter/niece/cousin/granddaughter over her eating habits.

This can be you!

The Chronically Sick Girl’s Guide To Holiday Party Survival

The holidays aren’t easy on anybody, but if you’re among the millions of US women who live with one or more chronic illnesses, you may find the social obligations this time of year more draining and dismal than merry and bright.

food is important.

3 Ways That Eating Has Changed My Body (For The Better)

What I’ve (amazingly) learned is that if I eat what I want, when I want, and as much of it as I want (what my stomach wants, not my eyes, which are two separate measurements), my digestion regulates itself again.

You're #1!

Why The "You Have To Love Yourself First" Rule Is True

You may have heard "you have to love yourself before you can expect someone else to love you,” and I’m here to say that this rule is really true! Self-love is essential for creating any healthy (emphasis on healthy), sustainable relationship with another person or people.

The holidays aren't happy for all of us.

Newly Single And Not Ready To Mingle (My Plan To Get Through The Holidays)

I have not been single during this time of year since 2005, my senior year of high school, and now, as a 27-year-old woman, I look into the next month or so of global celebration and see...nothing.