Homeschooling & Unschooling

Homeschooling & Unschooling

As summer comes to an end, Ravishly wants to know what it’s like to learn in an environment beyond the traditional classroom. Join us for a week of stories surrounding all things homeschooling, unschooling, and the fascinating world in between the two.

"At the end of the day, unschooling is about confidence, compassion, and agency."

The Power Of Unschooling: Why My Daughters Don't Go To School

How does a 10-year-old Atlanta-based black girl with Jamaican parents, shoulder-length locs, and zero interest in school become deeply immersed in the studies of Finno-Ugric language groups and Eurasian migration?

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Would Homeschooling Be Better For My Special-Needs Child?

The argument against homeschooling is always the same: “Kids need to socialize.”

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Homeschooling Didn't Work For Our Family, And That's OK

The year we homeschooled our fourth-grade son, it seemed like the best idea. We no longer could afford the private school he had been attending, and weren’t sure the local public school was going to be a good fit.

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Why We Chose Homeschooling Over Two Great Charter Programs

If I were a SAHM with just my daughter, I wouldn’t question homeschooling being in my capacity. But I’m not. I’m a WAHM with three little ones. Only my oldest is school age; that leaves my days full, split in many directions, and a touch hectic. Well, more than a touch — they’re very hectic. And is hectic a good setting for learning?

Mondays With Matt: What Is Unschooling?

Matt breaks down the major differences between unschooling and a traditional classroom setting.

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Freedom From School: Our Unschooling Story

It’s not me teaching them, as if I’m the expert imparting knowledge unto them. We talk and look things up and explore and wonder and experiment. We learn together. I love that.