Sexism In Healthcare

Sexism In Healthcare

Women struggle to be heard just about everywhere, from board meetings to television screens. But what about at the doctor's office? This week, Ravishly is having a conversation about sexism in medicine: how it happens, why it matters, and most importantly, what we can do to stop it.

"At all stages of health and life, women are entitled to have their pain properly treated. Too often we minimize reality for someone else’s comfort"

My Mom's Doctor Said She Was "Just Stressed Out." She Had Cancer.

My mom was in her late forties when she began to develop headaches and stomachaches so severe she sometimes couldn’t get out of bed.

I’m twenty-two, damn it. And I’m sick of being treated like a child when comes to my vagina.

I'm A 22-Year-Old Virgin, And My Doctor Won't Treat Me Because Of It

For some reason, being a virgin automatically makes me unable to know my body.

All I wanted was to access healthcare without more strange men telling me what to do with my body.

Stop Treating Me Like My Body Is A Problem To Be Fixed

I don’t know that I’ve ever really trusted doctors.

“Can you do another blood test, or maybe an x-ray?” I asked. I could not wrap my head around why I would be short of breath all the time if nothing was wrong. He looked at my husband and rolled his eyes.

I Went To 3 Doctors Before Finding Someone Who Believed In My Illness

When there is a preconception that women exaggerate or are “hysterical,” then it follows that they won’t be listened to as carefully as men, or that they won’t be believed.

How to stick with your birth plan (Image Credit: Think Stock)

Pregnant And East Indian? No Need To Push!

Many women encounter pressure in the delivery room to opt for surgery. If you're a minority, you might face additional scrutiny. But never forget: as long as baby and you are healthy, the choice to push is yours.