Body Image & Disability

Much is made of the limitations and differences of disabled bodies and minds, but little is said of the limitations disabled people face by living in a society that refuses to represent or accommodate them in any meaningful way. Body image and disability intersect in ways that are rarely recognized. How does living with a disability affect body image, and how can the scope of body politics be broadened to include issues and experiences that are not limited to size alone?

We Need To Stop Making Assumptions About Sex Workers & Disabled Clients

In my role as a sex worker who sees clients with disabilities, I find I’m constantly learning about clear communication.

"The only realistic way for me to deal with the contradiction between thick thighs that suggest mental wellness and the perpetual self doubt that offers an attenuate implosion is to welcome the contradiction with open arms."

"Black Women Don't Get Depressed."

I wanted to look as white and non-threatening as possible because the invisibility of my disability in conjunction with the vulnerability of being a Black woman was absolutely unbearable.

"I have a hard time being in my skin when my body feels like it’s on fire."

She's A Diva: Finding Sexiness In My Chronically Ill Body

When I think sexy, the first thing that comes to mind is acting with abandon and being lost in the trance of feeling and response. My body might want that rapture, but it has to crawl through its own junkyard to get there.

I am not in the demographic you might assume for someone who needs hearing aids: I’m 30, I’m a writer and performer, and I play roller derby.

Why I’m Getting Purple Hearing Aids Instead Of Ones That Will Blend In

This assumption that I would want to hide my hearing aids always feels to me like a hint that I should be embarrassed by my disability — but I have no intention of keeping it a secret.

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How Can I Be Black If My Skin Is Red? Navigating Race With Ichthyosis

I used to ask the kids at school whether I would be white or black or brown if I didn't have red skin.

The author pictured with their glitter cane. Follow them on IG @alainaskeys

Learning To Love My Sparkly Purple Cane

I’ve walked the line between visibly and invisibly disabled my entire life.

PCOS And The Pressure To Perform Womanhood — Even If You Aren't A Woman

I stand in the bathroom for six hours.