This Dog Trying To Share A Bone With His Reflection Is Just What The World Needs Right Now

Today in Dogs Are Too Good For This World: A corgi insists on sharing his bone. 

That's 25 of the the most beautiful seconds I've seen all week. 

Maybe all year. I can't be sure, but things are pretty bad so the bar is real low. 

This sweet tweet comes to us from Eric Smith. From his Twitter page: Associate Literary Agent at @PSLiterary, YA author of INKED (@BloomsburyKids) & WELCOME HOME (@FluxBooks). Writes for @BookRiot. Loves @BeautyBritches.

Also adorable?

 As of this writing, Eric's pup vid has over 9,000 re-tweets. Which is a lot. My most popular re-tweet has like 12. 

Okay 16. And I had to look that up.

Anyway, back to the corgi at hand.

We can learn two things from this video:

1. Dogs are so kind. 


2. Dogs do not understand mirrors. At all. 

Go find someone to share your bone (NOT BONER, that is not ok unless they ask for it) with today. Everyone needs a snack. 

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