#FattenUpAFilm Is Trending On Twitter Because Fat Shaming Is Cool, Right?

OMG! It's so freakin' original to make fun of fat people because they never get picked on and bullied and harassed anyway, right? WRONG!

Let's make something clear: I'm fat. No, actually, I'm on the border line of morbidly obese. However, I just got a full check-up (seriously, I still have a black and blue from the stab wound the nurse inflicted upon me when drawing blood) and I'm healthy. Like, super healthy. In fact, when I had pain, the ER doctor looked at me strangely and said, "Your blood work is fantastic. Take an Advil."

Cool. Cool. I was happy to hear I wasn't dying despite the fact I take up more space in society than say, a non-fat person. 

But the world is obsessed with making a plus-size person feel even more shitty than some of us already do.

Recently, model Natalie Hage caught the guy next to her on a plane fat shaming her and blasted him online. (You go, girl! I LOVE YOU!)

But there's also something else that needs to be said: Even though a good majority of us plus-size folk have enough confidence to give you fat-shamers the middle finger, there's also a great amount of us who feel less than, hated, mocked, and want nothing more than to curl inside our blanket and be away from the cruel, cruel world.

Some of us (*waves*) have trouble leaving the house for fear of being judged by their appearance. I know what you're saying, "Lose weight then, fatty. Go on a diet. Take a walk."

Ah, if only those things actually worked for me. See, I have binge eating disorder and as much as I'd love to try your new age inventions of dieting, essential oils, and ... walking? Who walks anymore? I thought everyone Uber'd. Anyway, not everything works for everyone. Though we are all made up of the same blood and bones, we are also different.

On bad days, I use the internet to socialize (stupid me, I know) and today I was on Twitter, and #FattenUpAFilm is trending.

Say what?


Why do we need to fatten anything up? All we are doing is shedding light in a negative way about how society views fat people.

Don't believe how really f*cked up the internet can be? I'll show you!

Hahaha ... oh wait, that's not funny.

Right! Because fat people love bread. *Eye Roll*

Ah, the ever elusive thigh gap. 

Only fat people get diabetes. DUH!


It's always so funny to see fat people sweat, right?


I can only imagine what the next trending Twitter hashtag will be ... #CancerUpASong? Too Much? Yeah, well, so is #FattenUpAFilm!

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