Pam Grout: Bestselling Author of E-squared

"We, the greatest of all creators, with capabilities to build cities and inspire nations, are squandering our time watching reruns of I Love Lucy. We have forgotten that whole galaxies exist within our grasp."

This statement is a typical one for Pam Grout, the acclaimed writer who self-describes as a "hopeless romantic who still believes the world is a beautiful place, that people are noble and that anything is possible." Her stories, touching on travel, food, profiles and more, have appeared in People, Men's Journal, National Geographic, CNN Travel and other esteemed pubs. Recently, her book E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments to Prove your Thoughts Create your Reality—describing provable spiritual experiments such as "Whatever you focus on expands" and "You, too, are a field of energy"—was on the New York Times bestseller list for 20 weeks; it has since been translated into some 30 languages.

Grout's diverse experiences, which have informed her inspiring work, include traveling all the world's continents and volunteering at a women's prison. We asked her a quick blitz of questions about the ideas that have struck a chord with readers the world over. You can follow her @PamGrout.

You have done quite a bit in your writing career! But it wasn't until your 16th book, E-squared, that you became a #1 New York Times bestseller and now your latest book E-cubed is soon to follow. What are some of the most important lessons you've learned during your journey that you could pass along to women who work diligently to pursue their dreams?

I think the first lesson is to let go of all the rules, all the ideas about right and wrong, all the "important lessons." Once we hook into what I like to call the "divine buzz," everything falls into place. Inspiration comes, guidance follows. Life is supposed to be joyful, fun and easy.

Your books E-squared and E-cubed discuss Einstein's theories, quantum physics and specifically what you describe as the "field of potentiality," or FP for short (scientists refer to this as "The Field")—a scientifically proven energetic field that we are all connected to and you define in your book as "the foundation of everything." Do you agree that we could further conclude the FP is our consciousness? And that the FP is our very thoughts and the foundation of what is co-creating our world?

We are all connected to the FP, but at this point, we all have individual consciousness; what A Course in Miracles might call the ego. That's why we believe we are all separate, that limits are real. I want nothing more than to merge my little consciousness, what I often call my pea brain, with the bigger consciousness. In truth, it already is merged, but as long as I maintain my separation, I need to still plug into it. I liken it to electricity. It's there for our use. But we have to plug in.

You further convey that because we cannot see, hear, taste or touch the FP, we tend to dismiss it. In doing so, our focus is limited to a very narrow perception of our total life experience. Do you think this is what hinders our abilities to solve problems on a permanent scale that have been plaguing us for centuries, like war, famine and disease?

I hate to use the phrase, "doing things incorrectly." We're simply investing a lot of energy in what appears to exist now instead of imagining what could be. We animate into our lives whatever we put our attention upon. My goal is to place my attention on blessings and miracles and to deactivate the idea of unsolvable problems.

As I say in E-Cubed, we don't look in the mirror, notice our mascara is smudged and try to fix it on the mirror. We always have to fix the mascara, the "problems" from the inside.

E-squared and E-cubed give your readers cool experiments that show how to use the FP to manifest things they may want in life such as a hot date, a new BMW or tickets to Burning Man, but isn't it also possible to train the mind to manifest something greater, for example, world peace? And is there a specific experiment which we could use to manifest something much greater?

Manifesting is such a small part of what the FP can do. It just happens to be the thing that gets all the headlines. It is what people "think" they want. The "divine buzz," the joy and the love is what they really want. And the truth is we are all connected to everything anyway. We simply draw into our material field that which we think about.

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