George Zimmerman Is The Worst. Here, Have A Puppy.

OMFG, you guys. I have to report on this, but I’m going to type it as fast as I can because this story is the grossest, most vile, most inhuman thing I’ve ever… OH MY GOD. You’re not even going to believe this.

George Zimmerman — the sub-human creep who shot and killed Trayvon Martin as he was walking home from the store — is trying to… I can’t believe I have to write this. He’s trying to auction off the gun he used. And he’s going to use some of the proceeds from the sale to donate to an anti-Black Lives Matter group. [Editor's Note: The auction house has since taken Zimmerman's gun off their listings. Don't worry, though, he found a new site.]

Cue the flying monkeys as I scream and send green smoke flying everywhere.

Law enforcement released the weapon back to him, and I guess the website he’s using for the auction is legal and stuff, but I’m not gonna check because this is so fucking horrific that I can’t deal with it.

Can. Not. Deal.

You can’t deal either, can you? Of course you can’t. So listen: let’s stop talking about this scum-sucking-bottom-feeder and focus on something happy. Like a puppy finding a home and a job.

I just found a really sweet story about a puppy who was left by the Grayson Stadium in Georgia, where the Savannah Bananas amateur baseball team plays. Jared Orton — the president of the team — found the puppy, named her Daisy, and adopted her.

But he didn’t stop there! Orson has made the puppy the unofficial mascot for the team and brings her to work every day. He’s even training her to retrieve bats and other equipment for the team when she’s bigger!


Daisy, as you might expect, has quite a following because she’s adorable and who doesn’t like a happy puppy story?

So. In summary. Let’s have fewer murdering bigots and more puppies. The end.

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