The View Co-Host Raven-Symone Says She Won't Hire People with "Ghetto" Names

ICYMI, Raven-Symone left pretty much everyone shaking their heads this morning when she declared on The View that she wouldn't hire someone if they had a "ghetto" name. 

While cackling like a goddamn fool, Raven-Symone admitted that refusing to hire someone named Watermelondrea would be discriminatory (but not racist), but she was a-okay with that. Her fellow co-hosts, however, immediately came down against her and pointed out that (unlike hairstyles and discrimination) names usually aren't a choice.

The Internet has since exploded with equal parts horror at Raven-Symone's comments and at her hair. But, as always, I want to encourage everyone to keep the disdain focused on actions, not appearances. Raven-Symone's hair isn't to blame for her ass stupid remarks, so let's leave it out of our righteous indignation. Besides, it's by far the most reasonable part of her at the moment. 

Unfortunately, Raven-Symone isn't the only one who thinks it's acceptable to withhold employment and otherwise be a total douche to someone simply because of their name. Studies have shown that job seekers with traditionally African American names are 50 percent less likely to get a call back. There's nothing funny about racism, no matter what you call it.  

Not that nothing funny has come out of this whole mess:

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