Jessica Torrigino: Hairstylist 

Spotted: Golden Gate Park, SF

Occupation: Hairstylist

What are you up to today?
I'm actually heading into work right now.

What do you do?
I'm a hairstylist, I work on 9th and Irving at The Cutlery.

Did you do your own hair?

That looks amazing. How did you start out doing hair?
At 17, I worked as a receptionist in a salon on the Lower Haight—that's kind of how I got started. The owner told me about it.

Where are your favorite places to hang out in SF?
I don't live in SF; I'm from Pacifica, and I live in Vallejo now. But when I come out here, I like going to the Haight, or I like being in the Sunset—just because it's a little slower paced. I love going to the beach, for sure! I like Beach Chalet for beers.

What's something that's been on your mind lately?
I've been saving up for a vacation—I've been really focused on that. It's something I think about all the time. 

Do you try to go on vacation regularly?
No! So now I'm saving up for Australia.

What's the first thing you want to do when you get there?
Probably just sunbathe, or go in the water. I scuba dive, so that's also why I want to go out there—I really want to experience that.

Oh cool! Did you get your scuba certification?
Yeah. I got certified in San Carlos at Wallin's. I was thirteen.

Wow, you started pretty early!
My dad kind of forced us kids into it.

Is he an avid diver?
Yeah, he does it just for fun.

What's the coolest thing you've seen while scuba diving?
Definitely sharks sleeping. They kind of hover.

What was the most challenging thing about getting your certification?
Well I was thirteen, and it was a test. Now, looking back at it, it reminded me of the driver's license test. It wasn't that long, but being thirteen and not really knowing what any of those words meant was kind of a struggle. And it was really fast paced. So one weekend I did the written test, and the next weekend I had to go out and do my dive.

Any stories behind your tattoos?
They're all related to family. As for the cherry blossoms, I had a cherry blossom tree growing up in my back yard. My mom drew the two mandalas, and the clock is a clock that my grandparents had in their house.

Tell me about what you're wearing today—your personal style?
I just threw it together this morning. I wasn't really thinking. I was just going for more comfy. I like platform shoes just because I'm on my feet all the time, plus I'm pretty short so I need something to be a little taller. I just like the bell pants, I think they're pretty cute.

They totally match your hair!
I didn't mean for that to happen at all, but I was like, those are really cute!

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