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Carly Fiorina: Serious Aunt At The Dinner Table

Republican Debate: 8 Republicans Come To Thanksgiving Dinner

Last night, the saga continued. Fox Business Network hosted the fourth Republican Primary debate, with a slightly winnowed set of contenders: the top eight candidates were on stage, compared with ten in the previous showdown.


In Response To Rapper T.I., Who Says He Can't Vote For A Woman President

You can stop talking now. Ssshhhh.


Sorry Carly Fiorina, But Planned Parenthood Did Nothing Wrong, Attorney General Says

Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong, according to a report released to

If you don't know what this is, we can't help you.

Recap Of The GOP Debate: High School Yearbook Style

Most Likely To Succeed: Carly Fiorina. One word: Yowza! On top of being the only candidate to move up from Fox’s conciliation debate to CNN’s main stage, Carly Fiorina kicked absolute butt. She went after Donald Trump, Chris Christie, every prominent Democrat, not to mention political pandering to women. Pundits agree: Fiorina won it.


Ask A Feminist: Should We Take Donald Trump's Sexism Seriously?

One thing that is absolutely true is that Donald Trump insults everyone. He’s been loser-ing and dummy-ing his way across the slate of GOP presidential hopefuls for months now. It’s actually jaw-droppingly awful, because it’s pretty evident that he insults EVERYONE. He can’t pull it together enough to be polite under any circumstance, which means he would turn a state dinner into a Real Housewives-style table-turning circus. In fact, I could see him calling Netanyahu a “prostitution whore” and that terrifies me.

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Here Are Some Presidential Candidates And Their Doppelganger Dinosaurs, You're Welcome!

You could take this easy, informative quiz to find out with whom you side on important legislative issues and social policies. Or you could go my route and pick your candidate based on what dinosaur they resemble.


Are You A Political Rookie? Top Five Reasons 2016 Is The Year To Suit Up

Yes, it may still be 2015, but due to political and societal realities, presidential elections start early — like, stupidly early. Here’s the rundown on what to look for in your future POTUS.


"Of Course Politics Is Sexist": British Lawmaker Keeps It Real

Also this week: Carly Fiorina rips Hillary a new one.