Sorry Carly Fiorina, But Planned Parenthood Did Nothing Wrong, Attorney General Says

Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong, according to a report released today by the Missouri Attorney General's Office. The attorney general was charged with investigating Planned Parenthood in response to a series of controversial videos released over the summer that purported to show the organization illegally trafficking in the sale of fetal tissue.

Of course, these videos had already been thoroughly discredited –– they were creatively edited and released by a vehemently pro-life organization with the goal of shutting down Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately, to at least some extent, their plan was a success. Republicans threatened to SHUT DOWN the government over these hack job videos for weeks, despite their lack of credibility. Even now, Congress plans to appoint a committee to probe the organization instead of, you know, actually doing their jobs.

Unfortunately, today's report won't stop Republican hand-wringing over all of those poor, aborted babies. After all, facts had nothing to do with Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina's harrowing tale of video content that didn't even exist. Republicans have been attempting to shut Planned Parenthood down for years, and these videos were simply another tool in their arsenal.

Still, while today's report won't change the minds of politicians who care about human life only when it is convenient to their agenda, it makes it clear that there is no factual basis for defunding Planned Parenthood –– much less shutting down the government. Meanwhile, the organization's #shoutyourabortion campaign has torn down the stigma surrounding abortion, and created a dialogue throughout social media that has simply never existed before.  

Sorry not sorry that your plan failed, Center for Medical Progress, but thanks for helping to raise abortion awareness and understanding. 

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