Here Are Some Presidential Candidates And Their Doppelganger Dinosaurs, You're Welcome!

Images: and

Images: and

We may be a full year out from voting for our next President, but it’s never too early to pick a side and defend it tooth and nail. But with so many presidential candidates on the prowl, how can we pick just one? You could take this easy, informative quiz to find out with whom you side on important legislative issues and social policies.

Or you could go my route and pick your candidate based on what dinosaur they resemble. 

 Carly Fiorina, Parasaurolophus

Carly Fiorina: and Dino: cheungchungtat at

Ben Carson, Brachiosaurus 

Ben Carson: (bottom right) & (top left) Dino: Stan Winston, (bottom left) and Crash McCreery, (top right)

Marco Rubio, Dilophosaurus

Marco Rubio: and Dino:

Ted Cruz, Dumbfaceasaurus

Ted Cruz: and Dino:

Hillary Clinton, The Spitting Dinosaur from Jurassic Park

Hillary: and Dinosaur: Philip Bings,

Chris Christie, Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs

Christie: and Dinosaur:

Donald Trump, The Baby Dinosaur from Dinosaurs

Trump: and Baby Dinosaur:

Bernie Sanders, Spike from Land Before Time

Bernie Sanders: and Spike: Alondra-Chui on

Which dinosaur will you vote for in 2016?

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