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What I Really Want For Valentine's Day

It’s nothing you can buy at See’s or Hallmark. You won’t see a commercial for it. Frankly, it’s a lot easier to buy a dozen roses on than it is to do the things that women have been asking for since the dawn of time.

Let’s get crafting and make homemade holiday presents for everyone!

Homemade Holiday Presents For Everyone On Your List

It’s going to be a very frugal holiday season in 2017. Let’s get crafting and make homemade holiday presents for everyone!

Sticking to the three present rule is much harder for the parents buying presents than the kids receiving.

11 Holiday Truths You Only Understand Once You’re A Parent

I’ve been waiting years to celebrate my undying love of all things Christmas with my child, but now that my toddler is old enough to understand the joys of the holiday season I’ve realized that there are some things about the holidays that only a parent can understand.

Christmas can be downright brutal if you're financially hard up already. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

It's Christmas And You're Broke: How To Survive

A weekly trip to Walmart would end in tears — first theirs, then mine. Them pining in the toy aisle. Me saying no. Over and over. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to buy my kids whatever they wanted, it was that I couldn’t.

Know a mom who's also a total #GirlBoss? Image: Pixabay.

Your Ultimate Feminist Mother's Day Gift Guide

If you are buying for someone really special, you want to choose something meaningful and useful. While everyone has their own interpretation of the word “feminist,” the criteria for this list was that the product had to be either designed by a woman, produced by a women-owned business, or benefit women's causes in some way. No matter what you choose, your feminist mother (or sister, aunt, grandma, wife) will not only be happy with her gift — it'll align with her personal politics.

Who even NEEDS that many flowers?

5 Big-Money Mother's Day Gifts — And Their More Practical Alternatives

You’d be hard pressed to find something more meaningful to mom than watching YOU scrub your own urine off the toilet seat/floor/wall. DO IT YOURSELF. And try this, do it EVERY DAY.

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The Problem With Giving Your Kids Experiences Instead Of Gifts

Advertisers don't encourage us to believe that our kids need to make memories more than another toy to wage war on capitalism; they do it because these experience gifts support incredibly successful industries. When we shift our dollars from toys to travel, for instance, we are still supporting big business.


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