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Breaking The Stigma Of Dating And Loving With HIV​

Life and Love with HIV hopes to shatter outdated stigmas and introduce stories of happiness, pleasure, and positivity. Loving with HIV.

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Gay Promiscuity, HIV, and Stigma; What Is Really Happening? 

When cishet people deal with sex and HIV, it remains a private affair. When queer people deal with sex and HIV, it can mean death. And not because we’re queer, but because of social and political stigma, because doctors refuse to help us, politicians don’t want to get involved, and conservative religious leaders continue to fuel the stigma behind sex and HIV. This is a classic case of poisoning the well.

Overviews of research have found that cohorts often contain an inadequate number of women and that researchers fail to break down findings by sex.

Where Are All The Women In HIV/AIDS Research?

While women comprise half of the HIV-positive population in the United States, they are less than 20% of the subject in anti-retroviral drug studies.

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World Aids Day: HIV And American Women

Women, outside the parameters of what may be considered “high risk groups,” are not getting the attention that they need at the earliest possible time. This has resulted in missed opportunities for treatment.

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Solution or Snake Oil: HIV-Killing Condom Plagued by Questions

VivaGel condom lab tests show that it can "inactivate" up to 99.9 percent of HIV, herpes (HSV) and HPV. So what's the problem?


Ravishly Exclusive: Immunity Lab Works to Create Revolutionary HIV Vaccine

Scientists have been working tirelessly for more than 30 years to cure those living with HIV. Are we finally on the cusp of a solution?