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4 Reasons Why The "Elite" League Dating App Would Never Accept Me

I'm pretty sure I sat in dried urine on MUNI the other day, and the last person I texted is a porn star. Looks like it's Tinder for me!

Like, SO annoyed over that boyyyy! (Credit: YouTube)

Watch: GOP Fails (Again!) At Understanding Women

A new Republican-backed anti-Obama ad is NSFW. Not because it's obscene, but because it'll make you laugh so hard.

You know what this construction site needs? A blunt roller. Courtesy of

Here's A Bunch Of Hard-working Americans Making Less Than A Blunt Roller For Waka Flocka Flame

In a rags to riches dream come true for every stoner, rapper Waka Flocka Flame has offered $50,000 for someone to roll his blunts.

George Michael Bluth by day, indie musician by night. Courtesy of Wikimedia

Michael Cera Wrote an Album That's Awesome. Guess Which Celebrities Didn't

Compared with other celebrity attempts at "music," Michael Cera is a god.


New Airbnb Logo is Just the Beginning: 4 Hilarious Designs for Dirty Minds

Who says you can't be an immature idiot?


5 (Silly) Ways to Celebrate Oregon Legalizing Gay Marriage

Today, a federal judge overturned the ban on same-sex marriage up in the, "She Flies With Her Own Wings" state. Let's celebrate this achievement in Oregon-themed ways!


7 Thrift Store Summer Reads To Boost Your Adventure IQ

I’m always a little baffled when I hear people say, “I don’t like to read.” To me, it’s on par with saying “I don’t like music,” or “I ju


Listful Thinking: 10 Ways to Escape a Dastardly Date

In China, a man is suing his ex girlfriend for the stress she caused him surrounding her obsession with a Snoopy doll.