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5 Perfect White House Press Secretary Replacements For Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer has resigned as White House Press Secretary, much to the dismay of Literally No One.

There's so much more power in laughter than we realize.

I Have One Thing In Common With Donald Trump (And It Is NOT Funny!)

Critique devastates me. I never want to do anything wrong. When I believe I have done something wrong, I tend to avoid the situation or people involved indefinitely. Run somewhere where I can try again. Start from scratch.

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For Your Gold-Medal Consideration: Leslie Jones And Her Twitter

What’s the greatest achievement of the Rio Olympics? Is it the success of Latin America’s first host nation, Brazil? Is it the extraordinary feats of the US Women’s gymnastics team? Is it the spellbinding brilliance of Usain Bolt’s superhuman speed? Or is it perhaps the Twitter feed of Leslie Jones?


Alex Trebek Says, "Turd Ferguson," And Jeopardy! Contestant Goes Down In History

A contestant on Jeopardy!, Talia Lavin, wasn't real confident in her answer.


Count Down SNL's Best Feminist Moments With Us

To honor Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversay, we celebrate its grossest, weirdest, best moments of female comedy.

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With Street Harassment "Joke," Michael Che Becomes Latest Feminist Letdown

The SNL host has revealed himself to be a smart-ass, self-important disappointment. Damn.

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Happy Birthday, Amy Poehler! To Celebrate, A Video Of Her Being Awesome

Thank you, higher powers, for Amy Poehler.


Mango Is Back! Alexander Wang Style

Mango is back in the spotlight. And this time? He's dressed in Alexander Wang's brand new T collection.