Alex Trebek Says, "Turd Ferguson," And Jeopardy! Contestant Goes Down In History

In today's YOU WIN THE INTERNET FOREVER news: a contestant on Jeopardy!, Talia Lavin, wasn't real confident in her answer. Rather than fail miserably at answering, she went ahead and seized the opportunity to give the whole entire world (or at least the 9 million people who watch the show) a laugh. Not only was her answer incorrect, but also competely unrelated : "What is the ballad of Turd Ferguson. p.s. Hi, mom! :)."

Turd is a reference to an episode of SNL, in case you aren't aware. Talia used this once in a lifetime (probably) chance to say hi to her mom. Come on, a joke and a reach out? She's my favorite person this week. And if you don't know who Turd Ferguson is, here is the actual SNL clip, because Will Ferrell AND Jim Carrey.

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