Stacey Dash Apologizes For Offensive Victim-Blaming Comments

Tip your black-white-and-rosy plastic hat to Stacey Dash. Best known for playing Dionne in the '90s cultural phenonmenon CluelessDash's claim to fame these days is her conservative political opinions. 

On Fox News' Outnumbered program, Dash engaged in some classic victim-blaming when talking about a controversial ban on University of Virginia sorority members attending the recruitment parties at fraternities. According to Dash, the problem with frat parties is that women invite trouble when they knock back too many tequila shots. And also, alcohol is like guns. Or something.

And we quote:

"I think—the girls, I think it’s a good thing for the good girls, okay—women—to be told ‘stay home, be safe.’ The other bad girls—bad women—are the ones who like to be naughty, might go out and play and get hurt, and then, y’know. But the other thing about this, is that it then blames the alcohol and not the person, who over-drinks. So, you know, it’s like the same thing with guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Alcohol doesn’t get you drunk, you get yourself drunk.”

Way harsh, right?

But then, Dash did something revolutionary, She apologized for her comments.

Before reading the apology below, reread her previous statements with sarcasm in mind. It becomes clear pretty quickly that her words were an attack on the university's logic, not the women themselves.

Seems like a successful mea culpa to me. Or do you think we should just "as if" this?

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