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Why I Don't Look Forward To Father's Day

Like too many others out there, we have a father who gave us some of his genes and not a whole lot more. Specifically, my father is an alcoholic — has been for the entirety of his adult life.


What My Son's Stay In A Psychiatric Hospital Taught Me About Resilience

When I left the hospital the night that he was admitted, I sat in the parking lot gasping with big ugly sobs and looking for someone to blame — beginning with myself. I'm his mother, and I'm the only consistent parent he's ever had. As I finally made my way home, with tears streaming down my face and my mouth open in a silent scream of pain, all I could ask myself was "what have I done?" How could I have allowed my son to be hurt so deeply, and in so many ways?

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Love Is Meant To Be Shared: Our Polyamorous Marriage

There really isn't anything unusual about our union. For all intents and purposes it's actually a pretty typical marriage. Except we're in an open marriage.

It's not always so black and white.

My Husband Was Named In The Ashley Madison Hack

When I heard about the Ashley Madison hack, my heart sank. Not because any of my information would be released — but because I knew my husband’s would. Several years ago, my husband created an Ashley Madison account behind my back.

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Being A Rape Survivor On Public Transit

What do you do when you have no choice on how you get to work?

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Are People You Meet On The Internet Really More Dangerous Than In Real Life?

What's more dangerous — meeting people on the Internet or meeting people in real life?

 Behind the scenes of an Adventure Studios shoot, the cameraman helps a starlet into her negligee.

Confession: I Was An Accidental "Fluffer" On A Porn Set

How is it possible to be an accidental fluffer on a porn set? The first time I realized I was a fluffer by default was during a gig at Adventure Studios.

Late last year, I was vajazzled against my will.

I Was Vajazzled Against My Will

I sat up abruptly and to my horror saw this woman using this tiny tube of glue to affix these sparkly diamante things to my lady parts . . .

I acknowledged the possibility of a sexual attraction, but I’d never honestly considered whether or not I could actually be in a romantic relationship with a trans woman before. (Image: Instagram/ lavernecox)

What It’s Like Dating A Trans Woman As A Straight, Cisgender Male: An Interview With My Boyfriend

A fresh perspective from a straight, cisgender man on what it's like dating a trans woman...

Who cares if it's expensive, right?

My Big, Fat, Fake Engagement Ring

My fiancé proposed with a cubic zirconia or, as some people might say, ‘a fake diamond’. I said yes and let him slide the $500, 2.5 carat extravaganza on my hand.