I want my daughter to explore her interests and invest in herself.

I Don't Want My Daughter To Grow Up Like Me

Fortunately, when I look back at my childhood, it was mostly happy. I had parents who loved me. I had plenty of friends. I had access to food and Read...
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The day the waiting stopped will always be a bittersweet day, but for me, a day that deserves a celebration.

The Conflict Of Celebrating "Adoption Day"

I remember the day I met my son for the first time as if it was yesterday, instead of almost five years ago. I can recall every detail about my first Read...
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Perhaps I say this to benefit you, as much as I’m saying it because I need to hear it myself: the time for mourning has long passed.

Stand Up And Fight (After You Feed The Kids)

The tumult that’s been rippling through our country has me begging the question: what do we do when we feel the defeat of a woman and the rise of a Read...
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What if your conversation saved them from blackout drunkenness, chunks of days and nights they can’t recall, behaviors that are dangerous, both to them and to others.

I Told My Teens To Smoke Pot

I told my kids if they are going to pick a substance, pick pot. Don’t buy booze. Don’t drink cough syrup. Do get high. Why? Because pot doesn’t kill Read...
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 I lie because my kids can never go to your place for a play.

Why My Kids Can't Play At Your House 

When you try to organize a playdate, I feel sick, and I make up an excuse so I can decline your invitation. I lie because my kids can never go to Read...
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Little talks over time are better than one, big sitdown.

Why I Won’t Have “The Talk” With My Preteen Son

I know a lot of parents struggle with how to have these uncomfortable conversations. My friends and I have talked — and laughed — about our boys’ Read...
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Building up one while breaking down the other is not the solution.

Is Empowering Girls Devaluing Our Boys?

As a mother of boys, I find this trend disturbing. Yes, we need to build up our girls. We need to empower them and teach them that they are capable Read...
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Babies: a whole new world of no sleepy time.

5 Ridiculous Things Sleep Deprivation Makes Parents Do

Anybody who has lived through those early days of parenthood (and let’s be totally forthright, here… those seasoned parents, too) knows exactly what Read...
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