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Tequila Changed My Sex Life; How It Did Will Surprise You

This felt dysfunctional. Who needs alcohol to have better sex? That’s ridiculous. Read...
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From Monogamy To Open Marriage: Maybe You Should Have Sex With Strangers

If you like sex and you wouldn’t risk hurting or betraying a partner, I highly recommend adding sex with a stranger to your “try anything once” list. Read...
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After hearing from the other couples, it’s evident that honesty and communication are the keys that unlock the door and open a relationship.

From Monogamy To Open Marriage: How To Start Having Sex With Other People

Instead of telling my story over and over, I decided to do a little research. When I asked a few couples how they got started, their answers were Read...
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Sex While Breastfeeding? What Say Ye?

This doesn't surprise me — people don't even like to talk about breastfeeding. Adding in sex? Forget it. Read...
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Share your weight and your feelings. Demand desserts. And live your best (sex) life. (Image Credit: Instagram/Virgietovar)

Take The Cake: I Shared My Weight In A Personal Ad & Here's What Happened

I find that clarity is the key to getting the exact heterosexual intercourse you want. Part of this involves taking the gloves off around discussions Read...
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From Monogamy To Open Marriage: All Your Threesome Questions, Answered

We have amazing sex when it’s just the two of us. Adding another person enhances what is already amazing between us. Read...
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Love In A Red Box: The Unexpected Heartbreak Of My Friends-With-Benefits Fling

I glance over at the packages in the mailroom. When I see his address, I instinctively reach for it. "Plated"? What’s this red insulated box? Food Read...
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Gender is a completely made up concept that exists to sell us more stuff more easily.

Gender Is Really Just A Construct To Sell Us Crap We Don't Need

At this point gender basically exists to sell us stuff. Read...
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