My mammogram’s fine. I’m fine. Until next year. But four years and counting, I’ll take the fear, I’ll take the dread, just so I’m still around to feel it again next year.

How I Survive The Worst Day Of The Year (Every Year)

As a breast cancer survivor, the worst day of the year is when I go for my mammogram. True, nobody actually likes mammos, but I’ve been bitten by one Read...
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Teen Vogue under the Conde Nast banner is exploiting writers so notoriously and repeatedly that it seems like nothing short of collusion.

Conde Nast's Exploitation Of Writers Of Color Is Inexcusable

The hashtag #CondeNasty was aptly started by Roslyn Talusan to vocalize the injustices suffered by writers of color at the hands of Condé Nast. These Read...
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For the past five years, “Humanit-HAIR-ian” Mark Bustos has been giving free haircuts to homeless people in NYC. PhotoCredit: @MarkBustos Instagram

Lovers & Fighters In America: Mark Bustos Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless In NYC

Bustos first got the notion to offer haircuts to those in need in May of 2012 during a trip to his family’s home country, the Philippines. He was Read...
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"A fake “poke” could lead to a real one, but nothing ever stuck, and why should it? Unfettered access to endless opportunities galvanizes the guarded masses."

Before The Internet, Love Was Simpler

My phone is now silent by design, but I’m still nostalgic for the days when single people met off-line. I long for genuine closeness and sustained Read...
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The drive to hyper-perform is basically a DNA strand of Americans. But that doesn't mean it's healthy... or sustainable.

It's Okay To Ask For Help & It's Definitely Okay To Give It

I can't do this on my own. This life thing, this parenting thing, this figuring out how to make it all work thing? Yeah, those things. I can't. And Read...
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It didn’t always look like a clear path while I was in it.

Trusting Life Amid Pain And Confusion

Nothing is ever a mistake. Read...
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"Connection is healing the world. Because happy, connected people have no reason to act out and be nasty to others."

I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours: Vulnerability

When we have an open heart, we experience true joy, love, and intimate connection. So being afraid of vulnerability is really being afraid of Read...
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“If even one person was affected and my story makes them feel like they can finally be free, then that’s all I can ask for.” - Kahla Grams

Lovers & Fighters In America: Celebrating Love Without Shame

“I was compelled to come out on social media because I felt it was time that I wasn’t hiding who I was. It was more so coming out to say I was in a Read...
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