13 Plus-Size Looks For Festival Season

Photo by Rushina Morrison on Unsplash

Photo by Rushina Morrison on Unsplash

When you think of festival season, you may not think about plus-size style — and there’s a reason for that.

Festivals can be pretty inaccessible for those of us who are not slim, flush with cash, and able-bodied.

The bulk of most festivals are usually during the hottest part of the year, understaffed and often prohibitively expensive. For a group of consumers that are disproportionately underpaid, under-employed, and many of us suffering from disabilities, we’re not the people that festivals market to. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to also take place in celebrating art, music, and community with style.

Festival style is some of the most fun out there. Just about anything goes and you’ll see everything while you’re dancing to your favorite bands. While you enjoy the bounty of music and art around you, don’t forget to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. Everyone, no matter their complexion and resistance to burns, should wear sunscreen. These sunscreens are great for everyone, especially darker skin, because they do not leave a white layer.

Go beyond the sunscreen and top yourself off with a wide brimmed hat to protect your face and shoulders from direct rays and keep a pair of statement shades on to protect your eyes — the perfect sunny weather accessories, and a great way to make your outfit stand out!

Speaking of standing out: a gentle reminder to stay in your lane. While you may see culture vultures nabbing artifacts from other peoples, that doesn’t mean that it is right. You can incorporate and mindfully purchases pieces without being disrespectful; it just takes a bit of skill and the ability to discern between what is appreciation and what is appropriation.

A good question to ask yourself: “Am I taking a piece of this culture that is related to religion or tradition which I am not part of?” or “If a person of their own culture wears it are they up for criticism while I might be seen as edgy or creative?” There are several easily searchable guides out there, but this is a great start.

From flower child to rocker to 90s raver, these styles are fun, breezy, and surprisingly easy to wear. Check out these great festival inspired looks, even if you’re just rocking them while listening to your favorite playlist.

1. Dandridge (@damn.dandy)


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Los Angelino plus-size model Dandy models an incredible easy-to-wear look that is perfect for any festival or casual outdoor party. Rock your thighs and celebrate your cellulite with these short denim shorts or just make your own. Worried about chub rub? Try these 5 Easy Ways to prevent the pain. If short shorts aren't your thing, go for a longer, more modest pair of bermuda shorts which happen to be super popular this season.

2. Zacheser (@zacheser)


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D.C. area DJ and producer Zacheser of Chubrub Music rocks a crop top… because who the hell says crop tops are binary? Rock out in a body-positive dance space or create your own with Zach’s 80s electronica, disco, and house vibes.

3. Kaguya (@p.s.kaguya)


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Kaguya rocks a great track pant and crop top combo for an adorable 90s throwback look complete with daisies that even Drew Barrymore herself would approve of.

4. Annette Richmond (@fromannettewithlove)


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Travelling fashionista Annette Richmond carves space in gorgeous dramatic white pants and a bikini top to beat the heat. Add a little extra drama with a crystal tiara!


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5. Ruby Allegra (@rvbyallegra)


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Australian Instagrammer Ruby enjoys the tunes on a beautiful afternoon in Adelaide as they dance in their chair.

6. Jen Wilder (@unitedstatesofla)


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Jen rocks beach goth vibes at the Torrid Pool Party. Festivals are the perfect time to rock all of your great beach and poolside coverups and use them to add fabulous drama, layers, and flow to your look.

7. Coco Madrid (@houseofcoco)


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Festival style can be just as timeless and easy to wear as you want it to be. Keep it simple with a fantastic black and white look like this one seen on Portland producer and plus-size cannababe Coco Madrid. Protect your neck and your face with a fabulous hat!

8. Rosie Bourgeoisie (@rosie.bourgeoisie)

Quebec-based queer burlesque performer Rosie Bourgeoise rocks a great look at Pride weekend in Montreal.

9. Victoria Rathweg (@fashion_alec)


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Boho babe Victoria swishes a beautiful wrap as she walks down the street wearing a fabulous hat perfect for maximum sun protection.

10. Bianca Karina (@biancakarina__)


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Bianca nails a vintage desert look with this beautiful boho combo among the cacti. Details like this bolo and gorgeous crochet are perfect for a SoCal desert show.

11. Birdy Bardot (@birdybardot)


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Genderfluid fashion badass Birdy shows off their Day 1 look for Lollapalooza.

12. Heem Black (@heem.black)


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Heem slays a look every time and never ceases to make it look effortless. If you want instant badass, toss on a great jumpsuit and top it with great accessories and something flowy. Protect your head and hair with a hat or a wrap, but be mindful to not appropriate even if you are at Coachella.

13. Kat Stroud (@katstroudofficial)


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Petite plus blogger Kat Stroud rocks a goddessy boho look perfect for a festival. Toss a kimono over the bralette for a little more coverage, or bathe in the sun with bare shoulders - just don’t forget the SPF no matter the cloud coverage!


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