Period Panties, Consent Undies and Other Feisty Underwear We Love

Ladies, you know how sometimes when Aunt Flow is in town (if you catch my drift), you really don't feel like getting it on? Or getting all hot and bothered and then having to whisper as sexily as you can muster..."I'm on my period." Not. Sexy.

Well, a rather genius Kickstarter campaign is seeking to address this very issue so you don't have to say anything at all! So far, Anthony Hall has raised $160,000 to launch a line of period-themed underwear featuring all sorts of deligthful characters and expresions, from a sassy, bird-flipping cat named "Sour Puss" to a dagger-wielding "Evil Beaver" out for blood (heh heh). They also have black lining for stains! C'mon that's genius.

Some have called out the underwear for making periods and the female body seem super-scary, and this is a sound point. But in a world where lacy dainty undies whisper to guys "Take me, I'm yours," it's nice to discover underwear that straight-up tell them "My lady parts, my choice" (and, for good measure, "Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean I can't have a sense of humor").

Here are some more feisty undies we love:

 1. Consent underwear

Also funded through Kickstarter, these feminista panties feature expressions such as "Ask First" and "Consent is Bootyful." They're like a neo-chastity belt, except funnier and way more empowering.

2. "Exit Only" pink briefs

A cute and simple way to get the hey buddy, I'm just not gonna do that point across.

3. "Talk Nerdy to Me" panties

Smart women, rejoice: These let you finally tell men what really turns you on (hint: It has something to do with crossword puzzles and NPR).

So get shopping, ladies. And happy Valentine's Day!

Image: Kickstarter




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