Listful Thinking: 10 Embarrassing Anecdotes from our Sex Crazed Adolescence

The internet's goldmine of weirdness, Reddit, never ceases to amaze us. We were especially inspired by Reddit's recent bold question: What was the craziest thing you did as a sex-crazed adolescent?

We did some dumb things when it came to underage nookie. Especially me. The raging hormones of my late teens led me to say, "no Richard, my mom won't be home for hours. Walking 20 steps to my room is just too much, so let's just bang in the living room." Obviously, my mom came home early and walked in on us doing the nasty—no mother wants to see her little princess getting rammed from behind—and (naturally) flipped out. As she steamed, I got on my knees for a non-sexual purpose: prayer. "Dear God," I began, "please please strike Napa, California with an earthquake right now. You owe me one. I never got that pony I asked for when I was six."

Needless to say, He didn't listen. Fortunately for us, he didn't listen to Reddit users either.

1. “I gave my boyfriend a reach-around in detention. It was a really awkward maneuver, but not as awkward as the teacher catching us” – MsFeatherbottom876

2. “Don't masturbate with toothpaste” – cookieguy10

3. “Used a squiggle pen as a vibrator. I imagine it's common among young writers . . .” – FlanneryOClowder

4. “Sex in my ex-girlfriend's little brothers race car bed. Vroom vroom.” – HarrisonLeggio

5. “Had anal sex with my gf while in adjacent beds to her sleeping dad and step-mom” – a_high_comment

6. “I was given a stuffed tiger doll for one reason or another. Eventually it became torn at the seam, which happened to be right around its tail. The hole was impossibly perfect. Cotton isn't the best stimulant for a penis, but it did the trick.” – hornythrowaway9

7. “F*cked a buttered bagel. It was hot, And I'm not saying it was sexy.” – polyolygon

8. “I went through a period of time where no object was safe from my vagina. I banged myself with bottles, remotes, vegetables, pretty much everything except a penis.” – 602disambiguation

9. "Gave my boyfriend a blowjob while his parents and sister and brother-in-law were in the adjacent room of the hotel suite. I choked and shot c*m out of my nose...they call me the c*mdragon." saucy_tart

And there you have it—hormones be craaaazy!

Image: "It's like warm apple pie . . . " Courtesy of, Facebook

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