Watch: Sir Mix-a-Lot Joins Seattle Symphony for Killer Rendition of "Baby Got Back"

Feel like your life is missing something? Look no further: here we have Sir Mix-a-Lot singing "Baby Got Back" alongside the Seattle Symphony.

No really! The infamous song is no longer restricted to wedding receptions and junior high dances. Sir Mix-a-Lot joined the symphony crew as part of their Sonic Evolution series, which focuses on Seattle based artists. When prompted by Sir Mix-a-Lot himself, a colony of lady attendees clamored to the stage to dance alongside while he performed. One polite looking woman totes steals the show with her librarian glasses and—surprisingly—non-WASPy dance moves. We're crossing our fingers that her boss never sees this vid.

But Giana, how does a symphony mimic electronic sounds?

So glad I thought of that question you asked. Special "instruments" were used: 

"These included "an acoustic 'Scratcher' (made by scratching a credit card against a metal guiro), a 'jackdaw' (a friction drum that creates a frog like noise), bunches of bamboo cracking against the sides of drums and various drums laden with chains and cymbals to create distorted drum and clap effects."

The excitement pouring from these symphony-attending women is inspiring! Fierce females of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and dancing abilities flocked to the stage. Why is this a big deal? "Baby Got Back" was released in 1992, which was the beginning of the 90's supermodel rise to fame. Thin was in, and it only got worse as the decade progressed. Though this song is silly, and, yes, a bit objectifying, it became the anthem for proud women of all sizes. Looks like "Baby Got Back" still has the power to empower. 

Image: Courtesy of ThinkStock 
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