Big-Busted Ladies, Rejoice: The Reformation Launches Summer Looks for C Cups and Above

If you don’t know The Reformation, the LA-based fashion brand that recycles vintage items and makes them look totally on trend, you should probably check them out. If you don’t know The Reformation and you are a big-busted lady, you should stop what you are doing right now and head over to their website, because they’ve just debuted a collection called “I’m Up Here” (yes, they’re funny too). It’s a capsule line dedicated to accommodating boobies bigger than a C cup. You know, real deal boobies. 

The Reformation’s clothes are all about dressing effortless, chill, braless ladies—the kind who prance around on LA beaches and saunter around the Lower East Side. We’re talking floral sundresses, teeny tiny crop tops and spaghetti strapped tanks . . . all of which are not ideal for voluptuous bosoms. That's why “I’m Up Here” is such a brilliant idea, and just in time for summer no less.

The brand’s normal designs, including plaid rompers, dressy jumpsuits and silk maxis have all be reworked to provide more room for boobs—some even have bralette closures in the back that both hide a much-needed brassiere and provide a dose of added support. No more ill-fitting bodices, pancaked boobies, spillage or unintentional looks from your creepy uncle. In the words of The Reformation, it’s the best of the brand—just “recomboobulated.” 

Image: The Reformation

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