Always Hoped Winona Ryder Would Make a Comeback? You Got It

Some addictions—like Clueless, plaid and Winona Ryder—scream '90s nostalgia. But while Clueless and plaid have endured through the 21st century, our beloved Winona has struggled to maintain popularity. So good at portraying the angst and melancholy of that decade, she never seemed to break the '90s spell—and an infamous shoplifting incident didn't help.

Cute and relatable? Yup, that's our Winona.

Lately, however, Wino Forever has been knocking on our heart's door again. First, she rocked a wholesome, attractive look for the cover of Redbook magazine in April. Then, she made the interview rounds to tout her new television drama, Turks and Caicos. And now comes final proof that Winona is back (baby), thanks to a fierce new fashion campaign for Rag & Bone. Granted, it's not a Chanel 5 gig, but it's still something—and it's getting the media pretty excited. After all, it's her first campaign in 10 years. No joke.

The beautiful actress is no stranger to fronting fashion—her good friend Marc Jacobs booked her in the past. This time, she's been selected by Rag & Bone for her "beautiful, timeless quality," according to the brand's designers, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville.

The question is, then—why'd they made her look so ugly?

As Redbook proves, Winona can be truly stunning. On the flipside, she can also look deranged, sickly and stand-offish. Judging by the fist image from the upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 line, Rag & Bone went for exactly that vibe. The Star Trek hair. The blah make-up. Again, the hair. Why, Rag & Bone, why? There's a feeling that this time, Winona is indeed back for good. She's acting, she's out there, she's still oh-so-stunning. And she deserves better.

Shall we Kickstart some ideas? That would be so un-'90s. 

Image: Rag & Bone

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