Detention At Monster High: Flash Fiction

Credit: Thinkstock

Credit: Thinkstock

At Monster High, Jimmy Werewolf gets another demerit for forgetting to shave again. He explains to the proctor when he lands at detention for the fifth Friday night in a row that this policy is discriminatory. To stay clean-shaven, he has to shave every hour on the hour. He’s a teen wolf for Chrissake!

At that, the proctor gives him two more demerits for uttering a version of Christ in front of Stacey Dracula, who gets worked up every time at the mention of God, Jesus, or most popular, Baby Jesus.

Jimmy stomps back to his desk. Two more demerits and he’s already lined up for detention next Friday. Thank God senior year is almost over, he mutters. He can’t wait to go to Bard in the fall.

Stacey feels like everybody hates her because the cafeteria added garlic to the list of allergens banned from school lunches. Honestly, she thinks people should be thanking her. Half of these weirdos have bad enough breath to begin with. She sneaks a text to her best friend, Kimberly, the hottest mummy in school, hoping it doesn’t land her back here next Friday. She’s not sure her social life could survive it.

In the back of the room, it’s Kevin Frankenstein Jr.’s first time in detention and he’s perilously close to nodding off. That’s what got him here in the first place—falling asleep in class. But what do they expect from someone who’s been raised from the dead? It’s hard to stay awake in Chemistry when your body still gets confused sometimes. It’s even harder to get to second base with a girl when your stitched-together hands can’t feel a thing.

Twenty minutes later, the proctor stands up and announces detention is over. They’re free to haunt the night.

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