5 Fashion Looks You Don't Need This Winter

No one quite knows exactly when fashion journalism adopted the word "need"—but it sure has taken over common fashion parlance. "You need this" has become a ubiquitous statement in magazines and on websites everywhere. The thing is, we "need" a dental check-up. We need to change our oil. We do not need a sleeveless coat. So, to take the edge off upcoming winter trend-alerts, here are five things you sure don't need this season. You, in fact, have our permission to not buy them.

That sleeveless coat. What? A coat with no sleeves—an item we must accessorize with a matching sweater? An article of clothing that has no practical purpose and is guaranteed to lack much-needed warmth on a cold day? Thanks but no thanks, fashion brands. 

White booties. If you are even remotely aware of your shoes' state, white boots will give you grief on a daily basis. We get white sandals for dry, comfortable summers—but muddy winter days spell disaster for this foot look.

A winter clutch. Imagine: you're balancing an umbrella or, even worse, wearing gloves. It's cold and your bulky layers are bunching. Trust us, another item to occupy your hands is the last thing you need. The way we see it, this is one of the only advantages of winter coats—big, deep pockets (ideally, with zippers)—that render purses and clutches unnecessary.

Sheer items. As lovely as those models walking down the runway look, unless you plan to spend winter entirely indoors, anything sheer and flowing is going to get you into some (very cold) trouble. Looking bulky and unrealistic is pretty much inevitable in winter months—but hyperthermia need not be.

Swinging, long jewelry. All those sweaters, scarves and chic hats you probably do need for the cold season just beg to get caught on a dangly earring, a prickly necklace or a loose bracelet. Do yourself a favor and just ignore most jewelry trends for winter—you'll thank us when spring comes, and your beloved knits are safe and intact.

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