I'm An MRA-Bashing Feminist—But Because I'm Male, Trolls Leave Me Alone

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I stopped reading the comments on my published articles years ago because of troglodytes. But that hasn't stopped said cave-dwellers from reaching out via other means to let me know I've vexed them.

I have the unique perspective of getting hate mail for writing articles about fitness and feminism, and the only death threat I've received resulted from referring to Jillian Michaels as "an actress playing the role of a trainer on TV."

Men's rights activists are whiney children who think every woe they face is the fault of feminism. When a woman writes negatively about them, their reaction is to go apocalyptic. Beyond exposing MRA, any woman who writes in favor of feminism and decries misogyny faces an online onslaught designed to silence.

Unfortunately, sometimes it works. As a recent Washington Post article explained, some women are retiring from feminist writing because of such attacks; attacks that threaten rape and death, and which drive them from their homes and cause them to cancel public appearances. What's more, fake ads that solicit violent sex are placed in their names, insulting and sexually threatening blogs are written, and the social media and email harassment is never ending.

I cannot imagine the courage it takes for a woman to face such unceasing vitriol and continue working for equality and justice. Really, I can't imagine it, because as a man, I've never had to face it. You want yet another example of male privilege? It's being able to voice your opinion and not face death and rape threats as a result.

It doesn't matter that I've praised feminism or called out MRA bullshit on multiple occasions; I've never had to face such threats for no other reason than I have a Y chromosome. No one has ever threatened violence against me, published my address or phone number, placed fake ads in my name, said I was too ugly to rape . . . The reaction of anti-feminists to my writings has been paltry compared to what it would be were I a woman.

Yes, there were the Twitter and Facebook insults, calling me a "mangina" and a "pussy faggot." There were those who insisted my website URL, bodyforwife.com, was an indication of me being in thrall to anyone with a vagina. It was all very childish and petty.

Beyond that, I was most often called a liar, saying I misrepresented MRA. In fact, many seemed determined to win me to their side. They felt that I had misunderstood men's rights and wanted to educate me, saying I didn't realize how poorly men are treated in modern society, and that if I'd just open my eyes—and have my "red pill" moment—I'd stop defending feminism and instead join the legions of the butt hurt as their ally.

The men who attack feminism are the worst kind of cowards. They despise strong women, and fear strong men. Actually, they fear strong women as well, which is why they often hide behind anonymous avatars when launching their attacks. The vileness of their harassment against women feminists is tenfold that sent toward male allies of feminism.

Being an ally of such courageous women is an honor, and one that more men should embrace.

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