Last Night a (Baby) DJ Saved My Life

If Millennials were the guinea pig generation for all things mobile, online, and “i,” that means the new generation of Smartphone Babies will be the first totally media and technologically assimilated group of individuals in the 21st century. With parents who are already tech savvy and computer literate, there is a shrinking multimedia gap between parent and child; the digital age is all sorts of all up on us.

So what are these turn of the century parents doing with their fine tuned electro-skills, beside uploading a kajillion baby pics, half of which are baby selfies? Helping their kids to drop a beat. You heard right. Baby DJs are not only real thing, but a rising sensation. The Brooklyn based class offers families the opportunity to help their kids socialize, hone motor skills, and get hooked on killer dance beats. They're learning more about electronics than they possibly do about writing their own names.

Computer-keen 21st century babies are our inevitable future. What does that mean for the landscape of our impending global community? Let’s just hope it means more progress in utilizing technology for the greater good rather than simply an overflow of club openings with bumpin bass lines and underground baby dance parties.


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