5 Things I've Learned About Lingerie

I wouldn't consider myself egotistical, but up until last week, I was pretty confident I was successfully wearing my underwear for the last three decades. 

OK, let me back up a bit. You know when you're in a big group of your friends and a conversation starts about something, and you just sit there nodding, trying to act like everything that's being said isn't completely blowing your mind because everyone else is just acting like it's common knowledge?

Well, I just learned that apparently my knowledge of lingerie didn't go far beyond what part of the bra I was supposed to put my boobs in. A glass and a half of wine later and my know-how just about tripled. 

Take a look at what I learned to make sure you're not as naive as I was. 

1. You Should Use Special Detergent
I know that you're supposed to hand wash your lingerie when possible or put them in a delicates bag on the gentle cycle. I didn't know that you're supposed to use a specific type of detergent. The tips on Life Tools for Women says that washing with normal detergent defeats the purpose of gentle washing because of the harsher chemicals. Instead you should stick to a detergent specifically designed for delicate items.

2. There Are Lingerie Trends
I'm not completely inept. I wear thongs and know that granny panties are out. But I didn't realize that certain fabrics, colors, and patterns of lingerie go in and out of style. After looking at different lingerie designers' styles on Lyst, I've come to the conclusion that this season is all about bralets and lace. 

3. It's More For You Than Him
I asked the boyfriend. He confirmed. Then I went online to confirm his confirmation. Turns out most guys appreciate lingerie, but what they really like about it is the confidence it gives their partner. Still a win-win for everyone involved though. 

4. Bras Have Short Lifespan
If it's one of your everyday bras that's part of your weekly rotation, this guide from allwomenstalk says you should consider replacing it after six months. After that time, the worn elastic can significantly decrease the supportive properties. 

5. You Should Get Properly Fitted
There's a really good chance that you're wearing the wrong bra size. If you're overflowing or swimming in the cups, that's a pretty clear sign. But if your straps are digging into your shoulders, your band is cutting into your back, or it's riding up, you could need an adjustment. Get measured by a professional to find your correct size.

Personally, my bras were guilty of three out of the five... If this saves just one of you out there an embarrassing night of Googling, then I've done my civic duty. Learn from my mistakes!

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