Shifting Focus: How To Honor Instead Of Shame Our Bodies

Only you can make a difference...

Only you can make a difference...

The sooner you get on your body’s side as an ally instead of a staunch opponent, the better everything becomes.

We haven’t quite escaped the influence of the Puritans yet...

We still tend to regard our bodies, our eating, our desires, and anything else of this earth as bad, weak, or sinful.

That’s how we look at cravings. That’s how we look at pleasure. That’s how we look at any part of our bodies that isn’t taught, toned, and perfect. We see our bodies as weaknesses. We only see the bad. We only see the things to fix. We only notice the things we wish would stop, go away, change, shrink, and smooth out.

We are so focused on the negative.

We don’t even take time to honor the amazingness of just being alive. And all the brilliant things our bodies do. And all the abuse they have to take from us.

Our bodies are not weaknesses. In fact, our bodies are so incredibly strong and resilient. How we remain alive day after day, thinking, intuiting, moving, sitting, learning to use iPhones and drive cars and cook and read…is amazing.

How can we even conceptualize how many chemical reactions are going on right now to keep you alive, breathing, beating, seeing, loving, speaking, learning, standing?

Then consider how much we hate and berate our bodies. They do so much, and then have to deal with our complaining on top of it?

Our bodies are amazing. Our bodies are always pointing us towards health and healing. We are the ones who have accidentally been getting in the way.

Our bodies are not weaknesses.

Our cravings for food are not weaknesses either. In fact, our cravings are actually signs. I have come to realize that listening to cravings is actually a fast track into our intuition. You need more carbs. You need more protein. You need more salt. You need more minerals.

You need more rest.

You need more love.

You need more nourishment.

You need more kindness.

Our bodies actual hold amazing wisdom. And you can start listening now. Instead of deciding your body is this burden to be berated and dieted and marathoned into submission…what about listening?

Even if you’re sick, your body is speaking. It knows something. It needs something. It is not weak. It is not to be dominated, punished, ignored, and controlled.

Nah, your body is so strong that it will rebel and speak up. It will binge. It will get ill. It will slow down or speed up to try and save you and to try and get you to listen.

So really, what is your body saying? What is it asking for? What are you denying it? What are you making it do that it doesn’t want to do?

Think about it this way: What part of your body do you hate and wish would change…is it possible that that part of you is trying to tell you something?

The sooner you get on your body’s side as an ally instead of a staunch opponent, the better everything becomes.

You weren’t meant to go through your life fighting your body.

Start listening. Start being kind. Stop seeing your body as a weakness. Your body is amazing.

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