4 Wacky Fashion Week Moments: Nicole Kidman as Fashion Roadkill, Subway Napkin Dresses and More!

It’s New York Fashion Week, you guys, and if this hilarious writer is to be believed, it pretty much sucks balls.

We don’t know if we’d go that far, but amid all the breathless enthusiasm—Celebs! Shoes! More celebs!—it's nice to be reminded that this glam event designed for the world’s most-beautiful people can still involve pratfalls, pranks and other shenanigans. Here are four of the wackiest moments yet.

Subway (yes, that Subway) sponsors dress competition

During fashion week last year, Subway sponsored a contest to make a dress out of materials from its sandwich shops, including napkins and wrappers. The winning designer earned free Subway for a year. We’re officially jealous (and impressed!).

Model curses about psoriasis  

Who is Carla Delevinge, you ask? Apparently a model of some sort. Also, she is obviously one of the best people ever, considering her curse-laden diatribe against fashion week for, among other things, messing with her psoriasis. A beautiful supermodel keeping it real? We like.

Nicole Kidman gets hit by a bicyclist

This one just makes us sad. During fashion week last year, the elegant Nicole Kidman was knocked to the cold hard ground by a photog on a bike, causing an injury to her ankle. Not cool, paparazzo. Not cool!

Teen hackers sneak their way in

Back in 2010, two teenagers, including the daughter of a gubernatorial candidate, not only hacked the PR system to earn a place at fashion week, but sat in the front row and mingled with celebs like bosses. Baller.

Image: commons.wikimedia.org

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