11 Red Hot Plus-Size Looks For Fall

Checkout these red hot plus-size looks!

Checkout these red hot plus-size looks!

Red. The color has many different meanings to many different people and cultures. In many Western cultures and traditions, it is associated with love, sex, and war. In India, brides wear red as they transition from single to married life. South Africans associate red with the color of mourning and loss. Chinese cultures associate the color with good luck and prosperity.

Whatever the meaning may be for you, red is an eye-catching color which can be a bit intimidating for some who typically stray from bright or vivid looks. For those brave enough to embrace a bold palette, the color can make quite an impact. Be it an important meeting, a date, or a bit of personal color therapy, red can make a statement without you having to utter a word.

But what about fatties? For people who are supposed to be seen and not heard, we’re often told that we should stick to black and other “slimming” colors. It’s easy to be taken by the anti-fat propaganda when that is all you have heard all of your life… but starting today, that’s not you anymore. You are taking hold of your life and not holding back. You’re wearing red, and you’re going to make people take notice.

For folks who gravitate toward feminine clothing, red makes a fantastic substitute for pink. Once considered to be only a color for men (women were expected to wear light blue, particularly cornflower blue), red and pink have become a power color for women, femmes, and non-binary people alike.


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What do you do if you don’t love yourself in red? Simply put: you get creative. If you just cannot imagine yourself in red, start with a red on a printed skirt or pair of pants rather than holding the color close to your face. This rule applies with every color, so there’s no need to feel as though you “can’t” have access to it.

These eleven plus-sized fashionistas show us just how great you can look in Fall's most vibrant hue. All hail red, this season’s must-have color!

1. Kelly Augustine (@kellyaugustineb)


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Plus-size fashion queen Kelly Augustine rocks a Lane Bryant dress from the latest Prabal Gurang collection.

2. Nicolette Mason of Premme (@nicolettemason)


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Writer, designer, and influencer Nicolette Mason shows the perfect way to incorporate a splash of red in a timelessly cool look.

3. Lauren Chan (@lcchan)


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Designer, model, and influencer Lauren Chan rocks Chromat’s latest from the fall collection, which dropped at NYFW.

4. Feriel (@matoushisleblog)

French blogger Feriel knows the impact of red with a strong print, as shown paired with the black-and-white striped shirt. The result is a classic cool that will never go out of style.

5. Karmenife X (@lisaspliffson)


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Artist and activist Karmenife X looks like goddess in this all red look.

6. Francis Dive (@youmeandfashion)

Bay area plus-size model Francis Dive creates the perfect look with this deep red bell sleeve dress and hat.

7. Nakitende Esther (@nakitende_esther)

Canadian model and influencer Nakitende Esther creates an even more impactful look by pairing her gorgeous silhouette with head-to-toe red.

8. Audrey (@bigornot)


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French blogger and YouTube personality Audrey shows us the perfect way to combine red and blue for an autumnal palette.

9. District Queens (@districtqueens)


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DC-based fashionistas Joy, Yaya, Yasmine, and Tiffany join together to curate stylish looks and great content. The four of them created a dark red/burgundy-centric look to bring in fall.

10. Jessica Kane (@jessicakane)


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Jessica Kane of Society+ shows off the perfect way to wear red for those who think they cannot. Simply incorporate the color as a bottom, further way from your face. The result is still super impactful and it gives you ways to play with a multitude of looks. Read our interview with her to find out more about her amazing fashion career story! 

11. Nina Asay-Stagner and Kat Eves (@ninakay415)


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Nina chooses a gorgeous black-and-red printed jumpsuit for a fresh take on a classic look.


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