Should You Wear Yoga Pants?: The Definitive Checklist

The short answer: Yes.

The short answer: Yes.

There are a lot of women out there right now who think yoga pants are great everyday wear, even when they’re not working out. There are probably also just as many people who think that women wear yoga pants entirely too much, and that they're inappropriate.

Because of this confusion, we’ve created a handy checklist you can use in order to determine if wearing yoga pants is appropriate. After all, with the way society reacts to women in yoga pants it’s clear this has become a very big deal.

1. Are you doing yoga or going to the gym?

Yes: You’re in the clear. After all, yoga pants are great as fitness apparel. They’re comfy, they offer coverage, and they prevent chafing. What could be better?

No: You’re also in the clear. Is there a label in there somewhere that says yoga pants must be worn only to the gym and back? No. Because that would be stupid.

2. Are you wearing a shirt that covers your butt?

Yes: Great! Sometimes it’s just more comfortable to wear a long shirt with yoga pants. After all, they are awfully tight and show the delicious curves of your awesome ass, and you may not be in the mood for that.

No: You’re good. Sure they’re tight, but they show the delicious curves of your awesome ass. That’s a good thing because asses are great. The fact that they’re prominently on display in society right now is a benefit to us all.

3. Are you at work or school?

No: That’s awesome. Yoga pants make great weekend clothes and are perfect for lounging around, seeing movies, and doing errands.

Yes: That might be OK, too. Yoga pants are definitely not worth losing your job over, and many workplaces are not casual enough to warrant the wearing of yoga pants. Same might go for your school or even a fancy restaurant. So use some common sense, but remember that you have a right to be comfortable, too.

4. Are there men nearby who might be tempted by your yoga pants?

No: Great! Sometimes it’s nice to hang just with the gals and wear some damn yoga pants.

Yes: Who gives a shit? When did a pair of butt cheeks or the outline of someone’s privates ever force a guy to do something he shouldn’t? Don’t buy into the myth that guys aren’t able to think clearly around women’s butts in yoga pants. Men and boys are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

Your body (as bangin' as it is) isn’t powerful enough to tempt a good guy into bad things, and only bad guys use that an excuse to act poorly.

5. Do you want to wear yoga pants?

Yes: Go for it.

No: Wear something else.

This is, after all, the only question that really matters.

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