Steamy Updates To Classic Sex Positions

Image via Unsplash (Amanda Jordan)

Image via Unsplash (Amanda Jordan)

Looking to change things up in the sack? There are a ton of benefits to trying new sex positions. Seeing your partner's body from new perspectives is hot and stimulating in itself — not to mention the fresh angles you'll discover that feel extra good when you're shifting gears to try going at it a new way. Caveat: When you're looking for new sex positions to try, you don't need to reinvent the wheel here. Plus, some of those Kamasutra positions sound pretty ambitious, am I right?

Why not switch things up the easy way, and put a new spin on the classics? With a little creativity, you can morph missionary, doggy-style and all those other sex position staples into brand new moves. Here are a few steamy updates to take your go-to sex positions to the next level.

Spoon On Steroids

This is the ultimate chilled out sex position — but with added stimulation. "There's a reason the spooning position is a tried-and-true favorite," says Lorraine White, co-founder of Unbound. "There's a wealth of body contact, the angle is good for g-spot stimulation and if you're lazy, lying on your side is a lot easier than complex bedroom acrobatics." What can you do to take it up a notch? "Next time, try positioning yourself as the little spoon and angle one of your legs between his so that you are effectively straddling his thigh," says White. "This will allow for delicious friction and clitoral stimulation as you grind into each thrust." 

Escalated Missionary

The higher the hips, the closer to the G-spot. "Missionary is the go-to sex position for many reasons," says sex expert Dr. Emily Morse. "It’s intimate, allowing you to gaze deep into your lover’s eyes. It provides more skin-to-skin contact than any other position, and it rarely fails to deliver orgasmic results." The downfall of course, being that it can get a little dull. "Just like any oldie-but-goodie, there are always ways to change things up and help you fall in love with missionary all over again," Dr. Morse says. "You can try sliding a pillow under your lower back or butt to prop you up, allowing deeper penetration. Adjusting the positioning of your legs can also be a game-changer. Instead of laying flat on your back, try elevating your legs, resting them on your partner’s shoulders, or wrapping them around his waist to bring him in closer to you."

The Doggy Diddle

Our lower bodies are often the stars of the show when we're doing it doggy style. Our hands either end up working to help keep us balanced — or they just get lost in translation. "Doggy can be great for deep penetration and g-spot stimulation," says White, "but a good thing can get even better. If your partner leans closer to your back and uses just one hand to stabilize himself on your waist, he can free the other to reach under you and stimulate your clitoris or nipples."   

The Cowgirl Switchback

Introducing a brand new take on riding that pony. "Cowgirl is a great position because the woman on top is in charge of penetration and motion," says sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs. "The person on the bottom has a great view of breasts and can use their hands to stimulate other parts of the body — plus eye contact bonus." Level it up by adding a sex toy. "You can spice up woman on top by adding a vibrator to the mix," says Dr. Stubbs. "The person on top can either use the vibrator on themselves, or reach behind them and stimulate the person penetrating them. Switch the sensation back and forth for maximum pleasure."

Plank Missionary

Planks: Good for the body in every way. "A slight modification to the classic missionary is the plank missionary," says sex therapist Jacqui Oliver. "In this position the male balances his weight on his forearms with his back straight, and knees slightly bent for additional balance. This enables him to be perfectly balanced, and it's much easier to maintain a slow rhythmical action, which helps keep his partner in the orgasm zone." Not to mention, this position is ideal for generating some extra body heat. "The plank missionary also enables a close physical connection (great for cold winter nights) as well as greater emotional connectivity and closeness," says Oliver.

The Mastiff

Sometimes, introducing something new is best done in a position you're already familiar with — as is the case with "the mastiff" position. "Try adding anal penetration to doggy style sex PV," says Dr. Stubbs. "This position is great because it facilities deeper penetration and can also have a dominance/submissive aspect. The addition of a finger or toy (flared base only!) can provide a fuller, more intense sensation to the person receiving penetration. If you add a vibrating toy to the mix, the vibrations will carry through to the penis in the vagina." Basically, you'll be feeling like top dog. 

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