Alexis Dent

Alexis Dent


Alexis Dent is a poet and essayist from upstate, NY. Prior to her career as a writing professional, Alexis spent her time writing (unprofessional) poems about the Jonas Brothers and her love for cupcakes. Although her current beats are social justice, wellness, intersectionality, and entertainment, Alexis will never forget where she came from. She is happy to confirm that although she still owns her Jonas Brothers albums, she no longer writes poems about them. At least, not on a regular basis. 

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Alas, it seems as if the American public is taking steps back instead of forward. Lives are being toyed with as health care is being tossed from politician to politician like a ball that can be dropped without incident.

Rising Rates Of Suicide Highlight Public Health Crisis; We Need The ACA

Without the destigmatization that occurs when an illness is deemed legitimate, America loses more lives to suicide. Without legislation that protects its constituents, America loses more lives to suicide. The common denominator here is loss, and unfortunately that loss will grow exponentially if the United States fails to see the suicide epidemic for what it is.


Being Pro-Choice Means Respecting My Choice To Not Have Kids

Assuming all women want to bear children is as anti-feminist and reductive as we can get — despite how often I’m on the receiving end of these comments from women who claim to be pro-choice.

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Why Halsey’s New Lady Loving Anthem With Lauren Jauregui Matters

From the start of the song we see that Halsey and Lauren aren’t hiding what this song is about: ex-girlfriends and the mourning of love lost.

Teen Vogue under the Conde Nast banner is exploiting writers so notoriously and repeatedly that it seems like nothing short of collusion.

Conde Nast's Exploitation Of Writers Of Color Is Inexcusable

The hashtag #CondeNasty was aptly started by Roslyn Talusan to vocalize the injustices suffered by writers of color at the hands of Condé Nast. These egregious acts are perhaps most apparent within media darling Teen Vogue, which has seen a sudden explosion in adoration since their political coverage went stratospherically viral during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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How The Michelle Carter Case Gets Suicide And Mental Illness Wrong

To say that Michelle Carter committed manslaughter is to accuse her of having the deliberate and malicious intent to take Conrad Roy III’s life. We are accusing her of not only assisting his suicide, but of coordinating it criminally.