Nancy Carr

Nancy Carr


An avid reader of memoirs, and non-fiction, Nancy began writing short stories and essays in her free time a few years ago. Inspired by writers she admired for their honesty and grit - Joyce Maynard, Augusten Burroughs, Anne Lamott and Kelly Corrigan; Nancy started writing more and more and by early 2005 had compiled a 250 page manuscript for her own Memoir, “Last Call."  If you’d like to read more of her story, “Last Call, A Memoir." is available on Kindle.   Nancy’s work has appeared on XO Jane, as well as numerous recovery and addiction websites and blogs. She also has a blog where she likes to ramble and rant about recovery, alcoholism, addiction, family, love and her four-legged child, Lucy. Nancy enjoys a full-time career (one that pays her bills) in another industry, while she and her super cool husband reside in sunny Naples, Florida where they frolic on the beach with Lucy and don’t take anything for granted. No complaints.

Nancy Carr Articles

An acoustic performance at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco in 1980. Image: Wikipedia

The Unforgettable Day I Smoked Pot With Bob Weir Of The Grateful Dead

I had been following the Grateful Dead, as much I could afford to, since 1986. I wasn’t a true Deadhead, since I bathed on a daily basis and didn’t live in a VW bus selling veggie burritos to support my marijuana and LSD habit. I did, however, like to go to their concerts along the East Coast: New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C and anywhere else they played.


7 Things I Learned In My First Year Of Recovery

I was relieved to know that my disease was just that — a dis-ease. It wasn’t bad willpower or morals — I had a three-fold disease of mind, body and spirit.


My 20 Year Love Affair With Drug Dealers And Cocaine

Unbeknownst to me, Kimmy and her boyfriend had been using cocaine. I was ignorant of cocaine use and wasn’t remotely interested in trying it. I was scared of it.

Sometimes ... second time's the charm.

Why I Didn’t Get Sober Until My Second DUI

I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “Why didn’t you get sober after your first DUI?” These people were not alcoholics, mind you. They were normal drinkers who didn’t understand why anyone would get a DUI in the first place, let alone — GASP — a second one!

"Getting sober wasn’t that much fun, but the benefits of being sober and living a life with freedom and unlimited possibilities are so amazing."

5 Things That Have Saved Me From Relapsing And Kept Me Sober

I’m lucky because I got sober at my second AA meeting. After my first meeting, I ran home and drank for five days straight.