Sezin Koehler

Sezin Koehler


Sezin Koehler is a biracial Sri Lankan American novelist and blogger whose writings have been featured on Wear Your Voice Magazine, Broadly, The Mary Sue, Huffington Post, Sociological Images, Pacific Standard, Ms. Magazine, Al Jazeera, and the popular Twin Peaks fansite 25 Years Later. An adult Third Culture Kid, Sezín has lived in 13 countries and 18 cities around the world, and now calls Lighthouse Point, Florida home. You can find her Tweeting about politics, Facebooking about writing and culture, and Instagramming her growing collection of art and tattoos.  

Sezin Koehler Articles

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How #MarchForOurLives Leaves Out Gun Violence Survivors Like Me

Too many voices are being left out of this conversation. And from where I’m standing as a gun crime survivor, a march isn’t even close to a solution.

Chadai C as Audrey Horne.

Halloween Inspiration From Twin Peaks Cosplayers Of Color

With summer firmly in the rearview mirror and autumn’s pumpkins spicing up our beverages and wardrobe tones, it’s finally every grown-up kid’s favo

Image courtesy of Leche Libre

Edgy Breastfeeding Fashion For Rebel Mamas, Now In Plus Sizes

Leche Libre is bringing more body positivity in the fold of the brand with the world’s first ever plus-size line of edgy breastfeeding gear.