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Confession: I Hate Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can be a saving grace for some; for me they can be a major trigger. Read...
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The Monday Blues Are Real — Here’s How to Beat Them, According to a Doctor

Your Monday blues are likely worse if you are going through something you can’t control, like fertility treatment, a parent’s illness, or project Read...
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How To Add Magic To Your Every Day Wellness Routine

We often don't associate magic and fitness. In fact, a wellness routine is the perfect space to hold a magical practice. Read...
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OCD Isn’t An Anxiety Disorder – Here’s Why That Matters

When I was diagnosed with OCD several years ago, like most people, I assumed it was an anxiety disorder. It wasn’t until months later that I stumbled Read...
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Self-Love Is A Survival Skill

My lack of self-love had never stopped me from loving anyone else, but, by loving myself, I could now love everyone, and everything, more profoundly. Read...
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Writing Letters To Yourself — On Anais Nin, Journaling, & Healing

Is there a certain quality to letter writing or diary keeping that inspires the confessional? I believe so. Read...
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Who Would I Be Without Overachievement?

That’s the thing about perfectionism. When you chase something unattainable, you complete a self-fulfilling prophecy. Read...
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Most adults don’t do play. They’re too busy worrying.

Adults Need To Play Even More Than Kids

When adultification overtakes a person to the point that they forget the importance of play, it’s easy to lose touch with the deeper layers of their Read...
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