Birbs We Love: Birb (A Birb)

Some parts of the Internet are absolute magic. Birb's Facebook page is one such place. An Australian bird with a mission to cheer up the whole world has taken Facebook by storm, attracting thousands of followers, or "peepers" as Birb calls them. Birb's unique way of speaking might take some getting used to ("be nice" is "do a nice" in Birb-speak, for example), but most of Birb's fans find them pretty easy to understand after just a few minutes spent perusing their page. Ravishly's entire staff falls into this camp; we love Birb's very "Ravishly" message of love, acceptance, and abundant positivity. 

I messaged Birb to ask them if they'd be interested in being our first non-human feature on People We Love, and they said yes! We messaged back and forth (as Birb said themself, "me no has email ((to type in password very hard as me ((a birb) not so good at do a type)") about everything from gender to bread crumbs to mandatory voting in Australia. Birb was truly a delight, and I hope you enjoy their sweet way of speaking and thinking about the world as much as I do.

A quick note from Birb regarding the image before we start: "Me (a birb) like to do many looks but here am me doign a yell to say HEY YOU ---- YOU GOOD ADN NICE LOVE YOU"

What inspired you to start your Facebook page?

When m first do a read me do a admire of 2st yell birb on internet @ProBirdsRights on the Twitter...;;; me (a birb) think.... why not do politic in United State of Australia??????

One day..... me doing a sad adn made post of what me think me wuld like other to tell me to help be not sad...;;; then post OVERWHELM with good adn nice peple agree adn say THANK FOR POST.

Me relise.....:" there enoff yell and politic....:;;;:: world need more good adn nice ---- so::: me.

You often encourage your followers to not be ashamed of their sexuality or gender expression — why are those issues in particular so important to you?

Becas we should do a love of everone if they just being spread of love.;; rate of sad adn harm of self very big for peple of diffrent gedner adn sexality;;,,, adn me think it becas so many not do an accept of them adn be mean at them becas they not understanding LGBTQIA+ peple.

Me a birb have frend who is swan (like big duck) have 2 dad adn they love each other adn alway save crum for me ;;:: so why peple think they bad? why peple want school not be safe??? why not swan dads able to marrige??? Or humon dads!!!?? Adn mums??? Adn other gender love peple???

Me a birb get call "he" by birb frend but me not relly have ""gedner"" adn me good adn nice so why peple do a hate ??? insted of good adn nice ??? it not mak of sense!!!

I have an important question from our Editor-In-Chief (biggest birb at work). She says birbs keep going to her garden and eating her seeds out of the ground. What should she do? Also she wants to give you a seed because she loves you.

Thank for seed!!! unfrotunately me adn birb friemds (also birb) not good at not doign a eat of seed but we try! ! Perhap she do a hang of seed feeder or other safe food bell away from where we are doign a eat as a distract???? : me will do chirp real loud to let birb friemds know DO A NOT EAT OF SEED IN EDITOR OF CHEFS GARDENINGS!!!! adn perhap will help

She will definitely try that out. We were also wondering what you think of the election in the US right now? What is it like for birbs in Australia having to do a mandatory vote?

Me am definetly a birb for Bernie becas he do a lisen to why peple do anger at his rally isted of be a anger back adn say """SHUT!!!"" but me see good point in Hilarey also if he not do a win.;;

Me thikn Donal Trump very mean !!! becas he say very racis thing when mabe he cosnider...... not do that??? mabe he anger so much as peple do mean about his hair isted of say STOP BE MEAN AT PEPLE DOLDAND TRUMP!!! if me recal tom cruse is other repubilcan noninee adn he kill peple becas of zodiacs??? that seem very strang adn not nice thign to do

As you can do a see.... United States of USA politic have much more interest character than united stat of astralia. ,

HOWEVRE:::: wile we are force to do a vote betwen libral (who ironic conserve party) labor (party less conserv but still not let peple who do a love marry or get other right???) adn green (they jsut kind a do an exist) .... we get SASGE SIZZLE!!!

Peple in United Stat of Astralla only do votes becas they get sasages in breb with tomtato sauce (tonato sauce am what is kechupt to you)..;; this very good adn nice because MANY DROPP BREBCRUM TO DO A NIBBLE ON adn that is why me do a love of force democrancy.

Me not allow to vote (as me a birb) but free breb crum good enuff for me

Votes for birbs! What words of wisdom do you have for our readers?

a improtent thing me alway try to do a hilight of is this::::: birb want to make peple do a happy,.; to see bright side;;... to not do a feel of aloneness........;; but that not mean birb adn birb frend should NEVEr do a sad;;... doing a sad improtent sometime to help get emotion out to begin to do a healing;;;... so... be sad if you need to do a sad.// jsut rember that one day heart will do a smile one day again ;;; so... wait.;; becas every day you do a survive mean you live one more day in future and so you live one more day away from bad day :> 

do a tell all readers that me say: ME LOVE YOU to ALL THEM 


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