Billboard Tweets (Then Deletes) Sexualizing Comment About Toddler North West

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Billboard magazine proved that it's never too early to start sexualizing young girls when they tweeted a picture of two-year-old North West (daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) sucking on a lollipop with the caption, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Ugh.

Sure, Billboard promptly deleted the tweet and replaced it with an ostensibly more benign comment, but the point remains. Even a toddler is fodder for d*ck sucking jokes and slut-shaming (or at least being used as a tool for shaming Kardashian who, apparently, has sex. With her husband. The horror).

Unfortunately, the tweet that replaced it isn't much better. It links to an article that describes North West as "sassy" for telling paparazzi "No pictures, please." I guess it's all sorts of "sassy" for a girl, no matter how politely, to demand bodily autonomy and privacy. Silly North, didn't you realize that your body belongs to America now?

It's certainly no surprise that the media perpetuate stereotypes that contribute to rape culture, but involving a toddler is a new low. GROSS.

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