It's #InternationalMensDay, And This Is Why Feminists Should Care

ICYMI, it's International Men's Day today. And while your first response to that might be an eye-roll at the idea of men needing a day to celebrate their privilege, here's why it matters:

1. Men Are Victims, Too

Our cultural construct rarely focuses on male survivors or rape, domestic violence, and child abuse. It is estimated that 1 in 6 men experience sexual abuse alone by the time they reach adulthood, but the majority go unreported.

Helping all abuse survivors heal is a feminist issue. 

2. Men Are Disproportionately Affected By Suicide

Did you know that for every woman who dies from suicide, four men die? International Men's Day highlights this insidious killer, making it easier for men to get the help they need to prevent suicide.

Ensuring that everyone has access to quality mental health care is a feminist issue. 

3. Toxic Masculinity Hurts Everyone

The ideas that "real men" aren't emotional, don't cry, and must provide for and protect their loved ones are rooted in outdated gender norms. While we often talk about how gender norms hurt women, they force men into an equally rigid and destructive box. 

Ridding society of toxic masculinity is a feminist issue. 

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