This New, Coconut-Flavored Ice Cream Is Pitch Black

Image Credit: Khushbu Shah for Mic

Image Credit: Khushbu Shah for Mic

A New York ice cream shop has finally answered the question of what Darth Vader’s favorite flavor might have been. No, it's not “Blood of the Rebel Alliance" — it’s a coal-black frozen dessert that sounds like a cross between a piña colada and the dark side of the Force.

While most of us think of ice cream as a colorful summer treat, Nick Morgenstern of Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York City is serving up scoops of a coal-black, coconut flavored concoction that may have some health benefits swirled into the creamy goodness.

According to Mic, the ice cream gets its color from the charred remains of a burned coconut shell. Sound odd? It gets even more interesting. The coconut ash is technically a form of activated charcoal, which some people claim has health benefits. Activated charcoal is apparently an ingredient in some health drinks.

I’ve gotta say, "coconut ash" sounds way more appetizing than "activated charcoal."

The coconut ash in the ice cream isn’t about health, however. Morgenstern tells Mic that he wanted to add a coconut ice cream to his menu, and that the coconut ash, combined with shredded coconut and coconut cream, gives it a richer flavor — as well as the striking visual of ice cream that looks like the dessert at a Goth picnic.

The ice cream allegedly tastes delicious, but has the side effect of turning your lips black. Regardless, I’d love to give it a taste — both for the flavor experience and for the Snapchat selfie possibilities!

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