This Week's Edition Of Why We Still Need Feminism

It's often said that feminism was necessary once upon a time, back when women weren't allowed to own property or vote, but that we've reached equality now. Sure, jerks may still exist here or there, but the real battles are behind us. Congratulations, ladies, we live in a post-sexism society!

Except, of course, we don't. And in case you need still more proof that feminism is desperately and unequivocally needed, here are three completely horrible stories from this week alone:

1. Female Astronauts Apparently Can't Function Without Makeup and Men

An all-female panel of Russian astronauts preparing to travel to the moon and back by 2029 sounds like a great leap for womankind, right? After all, until now, Russia has sent only four women into space.

However, this impressive accomplishment was largely ignored by the media. Instead of delving into the psychological and scientific impacts of their work, reporters asked the astronauts how they would survive without makeup and men in space.

2. Detective Says 12-Year Old Rape Victim "Wasn't All That Unwilling"

In what can only be described as a horrific display of the effects of rape culture, a Houston police detective told reporters that a 12-year-old girl who was lured into a CVS bathroom and raped "was not necessarily all that unwilling." While the detective pulled himself together enough to add that "at the age of 12, it doesn't matter," the damage had already been done. Furthermore, both the detective and most media accounts of the crime continue to refer to it as "sex," rather than "rape," implying that it was only a crime due to the child's age.

Just in case you thought that being raped by a stranger in a store bathroom clearly constitutes rape, I'm sorry to burst your bubble. Rape culture means that even little girls can't escape the argument that, on at least some level, they were asking for it.

3. Town Rallies Around Man Convicted of 200-300 Acts of Child Molestation 

OK, so maybe rape isn't always clear-cut, but surely child molestation is...right? Wrong! An entire Missouri town rallied around a volunteer fire chief and father of seven (ugh) when he was first accused of child molestation. In fact, the town turned against the VICTIM, ostracizing her while standing by the side of her abuser.

It was only when the perpetrator confessed to committing hundreds of acts of sexual abuse against the victim that the town reluctantly conceded that her claims were true. Yet even then, many of the community's leaders spoke out in support of the child molester and even wrote letters to the judge asking for sentencing leniency. He's just such a great, upstanding citizen, they wrote. Never mind that he's also a pedophile. 

Don't worry, there's plenty more where that comes from. Post-sexism society, indeed.

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