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Fat Women Aren’t Taken Seriously In Job Interviews

My size is always weighed over my qualifications. Read...

Kay & Jared Jewelers Caught In Nasty Class-Action Suit For Wage Discrimination

I guess that’s why the slogan is “HE went to Jared” instead of “SHE went to Jared”. Only HE could afford to shop there after working there.

"Tirimisu for Two: I would never just have my nails painted for my own pleasure and enjoyment. I’ve done this for you. For us. It’s all about snagging a partner." Image: Thinkstock

Weirdly Sexist Nail Polish Names, From The Eyeroll-Worthy To The Utterly Absurd

Chick Flick Cherry: If it’s about romance, it’s a chick flick. About love: chick flick. Maybe it’s about chickens. Poultry love. Either way: for you, I’ll watch it. So you can pop my cherry afterwards. My nail polish is just asking for it.

The men, it seemed, could say or wear anything they wanted, but the women had to protect ourselves from the men because they couldn’t control themselves. Image: Foundry Co/PEXELS.

My Experience With Sexism In The Psych Ward

[CN: suicidality, hospitalization, rape culture, slut-shaming.] We all needed a place to recover, a place where our problems could be addressed and dealt with, a place where we could feel safe. However, the way the women in the ward were treated couldn’t possibly have made us feel safe or comfortable.

I have a name, you know.

The Not-So-Subtle Sexism Of The Service Industry

My jeans are tight, and show off the curve of my ass. My black shirts are fitted, sometimes low cut, but always flattering to my figure. The only thing that isn't crafted to maximize my appearance are my non-slip shoes. Otherwise, I have to look pretty. Pretty girls get better tips.


This Week's Edition Of Why We Still Need Feminism

Instead of delving into the psychological and scientific impacts of their work, reporters asked the astronauts how they would survive without makeup and men in space.


Kristen Stewart Reveals Hollywood Sexism In Amazing Sketch

In a prank presented by Funny or Die, actress Kristen Stewart set up a mock press junket and switched the questions for her American Ultra costar Jesse Eisenberg to ones commonly asked to women, unbeknownst to him.

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The Problem With Being “Guy Funny”

When compliments are kind of . . . sexist disses.